For Capri Watch wholesale, please contact us!

We will not accept requests that do not include any of the following information:
1) Store’s name
2) Tax data of activity
3) Detailed address of the store
4) Phone number
5) Name of the person in charge
6) Some photos of the shop (inside and outside)
7) 5 main brands sold
8) Email and website
9) List of our products you are interested in

We will soon contact you back to discuss our best conditions.

General wholesale conditions:
- Minimum order: € 20.000,00 Net (about 150/200 watches)
- Presence of the product in an outside window visible from the public street
- Discount: 50% + VAT (the price for retail sale)
- Payment: wire transfer of full payment at order confirmation
- Delivery time: 10 days (unless different agreement)
- Shipping charges are not included

The price include:
- Warranty, watch box, shopper bag
- Window and counter watch displays
- Advertising material
- Custom sized window’s wallpapers with store name
- Exclusivity for your area
- Promoting advertising on national scale

Our aim is to find business partners to grow a long term business relationship.

Exchange rate: www.xe.com