The 5-year warranty period represents the flagship of Capri Watch. Offering a duration equal to twice and even more than what is indicated by law was a great intuition of Silvio Staiano, creator of the brand who made a commercial strategy out of the assistance.

They are all good at making and selling watches, but only a few take care of customers, even after many years, offering support and assistance. Even some big brands often and too easily declare that the watches are irreparable, leaving what is now a "scrap" in the possession of the Customers.

The Capri Watch Repair Center has extraordinary efficiency by processing all repairs within 7 days of receipt and with post-customer satisfaction of more than 99%.

Capri Watch has proven to be an avant-garde company that prefers customer care also through efficient after-sales assistance. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions of the watch, which instead must function regularly.

It does not cover breakage of the glass, wear of the strap and accidental drops and breaks.

To activate the warranty, please follow the instructions on it. For anyone outside the European Community, before any action, please contact us first by sending an email to the address indicated on the "CONTACTS" page of this site in order to avoid having to pay very expensive duties. We inform you that any package for which Capri Watch will have to pay duties or other shipping costs will be refused, which will be charged to the customer. The return shipment to the customer, after the repair, will instead be handled and paid by Capri Watch.