Michele Sorrentino the moment of courage

An incessant worker. In constant search for the right shot

A humble person, always ready to assist the needy, has been fighting with himself for decades before realizing his professional dream. Caprese doc, has lived on the island since birth.

 He approached photographic art when he was given his first Reflex at the age of 12 and from that day it was an ever-growing love that fascinated him in the World of photography.

Thanks to an unceasing commitment, to participation in many sporting and social events and to the experience gained over time, his curriculum is enriched by many awards and many satisfactions at every level in the photography of Events, Fairs, Conferences, Regattas, Tennis Tournaments , fashion, still life, interiors, etc.

And finally, after so many successes and too much apprenticeship, he decides to make the big leap and only in 2020 did you finally find the courage to open his own business thanks to which, despite the delicate moment that the whole World is going through, others will await you challenges and many other successes.