Capri Watch is proud to be one of the few company, to offer exclusive 5 year warranty, instead of the 2 years period as per European legislation for watches industry. We aim to become a leading company also thanks to customer care and after-sale service. Our guarantee covers any manufacturing defects and malfunction of the watch movement.

In case of defects, we confirm that Capri Watch and Capri à Porter watches are covered by 2 to 5 years warranty on problems related to the watch’s mechanism and manufacturer defects. We also do offer assistance for other problems for which the possibility to be fixed and the its cost should be valued based on the specific case.

For assistance please ship the watch, on your own responsibility and care and with copy of the guarantee and your name, return address including a phone number and e-mail, to:
80073 CAPRI (NA) Italy
Tel. + 39 081 8377148

Please, we recommend shipping by registered mail or international courier (better) that guarantees on-line tracking and gives you proof of delivery.
Very Important: when shipping from outside EU, make sure you say on custom declaration that you are shipping a broken watch for repair with no commercial value (custom and insurance value from 0 to a maximum of € 5,00) . We cannot accept packages for which we have to pay any duties and other fee or we have to make any import documentation .
Our Company on its owns expenses takes care of shipping the watch back to you.

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