Sneakers Collection
Personalized sneakers with hand-painted lettering and designs

Brilliant idea, by the Capri brand, to personalize the shoes with the symbols of Capri and with some contemporary and fashion writings: from the very popular "Fuck Covid-19" to the "In life you need" Fortuna "that they have joined and surpassed the "number one": the "original" model depicting the bell tower of the Piazzetta di Capri which was the first to give life to this infinite collection.

And you, do you want to customize your shoes? Feel free to send us your drawing, your requests and we will create unique shoes for you with your hand painted name.

This ambitious project stems from Silvio Staiano's desire to challenge the market at a time of great concern that 2020 has generated a little in all of us. And it is thanks to that desire not to give in to difficulties, which immediately received the invitation from the Capri artist, Patrizia Costante, graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in 1996, now an expert ceramist and well-known painter with behind him exhibitions not only in Capri but also in Rome, Turin, Catania, Palermo and Borgo Loreto. Mindful of the previous artistic collaboration, between Patrizia and Capri Watch, started in 2003.