An ancient passion dating back to childhood when, at the age of six, Silvio Staiano received his first watch as a gift. At that time, in the mid-'70s, he was the only one in his class to own a watch. This gift must have certainly influenced his feelings, as he recounts, "at a certain point in my life, despite being professionally involved in the restaurant industry, as soon as I had the financial means, I started this adventure of conceiving and creating wristwatches, making what I had always imagined a reality. So without hesitation, I followed my heart, as I have almost always done in my life, realizing and fully expressing myself." 

Driven by strong determination, Silvio Staiano, already at the age of 24 in 1995, rushed to the Patent and Trademark Office and registered several trademarks and a design patent to protect his first line of watches, which he had created and put on sale in just a few months, achieving immediate success.

For decades, the shop windows of "Capri Watch" stores have become a center of attraction and curiosity for the public and the select clientele that frequents the Island of Capri. Over time, the renown of the brand has reached very high peaks, given the rich, energetic, and surprising imagination of the Capri designer whose fame has surpassed Italian and European borders, thanks to the creation of an exclusive range of products born from constant research and renewed creativity.

The recent move of the store from the ancient and historic location at Via Camerelle 21 to the prestigious new location at Via Vittorio Emanuele 54 is noteworthy. A new flagship store entirely dedicated to the colors and design of the brand's flagship model: the "MultiJoy," which has achieved the absolute record of sales for over 10 consecutive years.

It should be noted that over time, there have been nearly a thousand models of "Capri Watch" branded watches. The dials feature symbols and colors that recall the millennial history of the island. Some models even had hand-painted dials, resulting in true miniature reproductions of the most famous places in Capri, such as the Natural Arch and the Phoenician Steps, the Faraglioni, and the Marina Grande.

Later, chronographs inspired by the majolica tiles of the Campanile were created, strictly patented models, as well as single-time watches with precious diamonds in limited editions.

With pride, the creator of the brand, Silvio Staiano, claims to be among the pioneers of e-commerce, being one of the first in Italy, already in 1998, to have real-time online sales with digital payments, achieving sales 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. What today seems to have become the norm for small businesses.