Asperula Stellina, since 1964 is the flagship store of the Staiano family, located in Via Camerelle, the most chic street of Capri and among the finest in the world. This shop was opened in 1964 by Orestes Staiano, helped by his wife Rosetta, and for decades has proposed to its customers fine ceramics from Tuscany and Murano Glass from the most ancient Venetian glass factory, a selection of the best Italian craftsmanship.Oreste began to work very young in 1938 and already in 1951, with his brothers Tony, Peppino and Costanzo, founded a company that owned more stores in Capri affirming and strengthening a long tradition in the family business that traces its roots at the beginning of ‘900 with the family founders Anthony and Gilda.
In the early ’90s Oreste’s sons, Alba and Silvio, took over the business and decided to revolutionize the activity by introducing special Murano Glass items made on Silvio’s design and immediately after a line of watches called “Capri Watch Collection” with the filing of a protected trademark. This initiative was undoubtedly the turning point for the fifty years old family activity. From that moment, in fact, the business started growing at a fast pace, giving Silvio always more enthusiasm to the continuous creation of new models of watches.Since 1995 the brand Capri Watch gained always more popularity following the increasing demand for new and colorful watches from the elite Capri clientele and becoming in few years a point of reference to the exclusive market of the island.
Since 2002 a new line of products found space offering more and more exclusive products. And with the use of the new brand name “Capri à Porter”, the activity of the Staiano brothers went into the fascinating world of fashion accessories obtaining with the Capri Jelly Bags collection, and thanks to some magical insights of Silvio, a success that reached every corner of the world.“Ciao Capri” was the beginning of a new path. The small shop was opened in April 2003 as a second store on the island. Immediately began selling branded watches Capri Watch, Perfume “Acqua di Capri” and different kind of Bijoux.“Capri à Porter” store opened in April 2004, is the turning point in terms of quality, offering a revolutionary line of products strictly “Made in Italy”: high quality refined leather bags decorated with special prints reproducing some of the most exciting Capri’s view. This shop is located in the heart of Capri in the famous via delle Botteghe, a small alley located in the historic and oldest island shopping area. To welcome customers to the new shop, there is Valeria (which later became Silvio’s wife) that with an International work experience and a Masters in fashion marketing combines his knowledge with the creative and relentless fury of her future husband.All the fervent Silvio Staiano’s creativity has been supported by artisans and masters of the highest level able to produce products that with no doubt can compete with the International brands that have their flagship stores in the famous Capri shopping street, next to Capri Watch store, offering products with a local touch and peculiarity that the international clientele is always more searching for.