Island’s symbols and colors in many models of watches by Capri Watch.

A long-standing passion that dates back to childhood when, six years old, he receveid his first watch. At the time, he was the only one in his class to own a watch. And that gift has certainly had an impact on him because, as he says, at some point in my life, despite being involved professionally in the restaurant business, I decided to start this adventure of watches production. I followed my heart, without hesitation, as I almost always done in my life. A passion so strong that in 1995, with the filing of certain trademarks and patents, Silvio Staiano created his first line of watches, which today fills Asperula Stellina’s windows along with other exclusive products result of a careful research and an ever-renewed creativity.Shop’s activities overlooking the central Via Camerelle dates back to 1964 when his father, Oreste Staiano, flanked by his wife Rosetta, begins to sell handcrafted ceramic items from the best Italian craftsmen.

In the early nineties, Alba and Silvio took the Oreste’s activity and they decide to “revolutionize” it by replacing glass to ceramic: pendants, jars, rings, sculptures, and masterpieces of Murano glass masters go in line on shelves. Then, step by step, the transparency and colors of the glass is accompanied by the ticking of many models of watches signed Capri Watch. Quadrants represents island’s symbols and colors, that recall island’s history. Some watches, hand-painted, are real miniatures depicting most famous Capri’s places, the Natural Arch and the Phoenician Steps, the Faraglioni and Marina Grande.
Among the latest proposals, a chronograph with stainless steel case and strap in crocodile avaible in many colors. Most feminine, its the Capri Diamonds with a double row of rhinestones illuminating watch’s face. And since 1999, you can also buy online.