The encounter that took place in Milan, in March 2002, between the Capri entrepreneur, Silvio Staiano, and Amerigo Buti of Buti Pelletterie, is one destined to give life to a long history of success, respecting the expertise and mutual know-how cultivated in the fields of marketing and innovation on one side, and tradition in production on the other. The collaboration between these two longstanding companies—established in 1964 in Capri and as early as 1958 in Tuscany—was nothing short of miraculous and prolific, a joint venture born under a favorable star.

Already in 2003, they reaped the benefits of this newfound collaboration with the extraordinary record sale of over 10,000 shopper bags in just 3 months. The renowned "Capri Jelly Bags" became a sensation worldwide.

The exciting fusion of quality and prestigious marketing is a cornerstone of high-end Italian fashion. Rare partnerships of quality represent the pulsating heart of this excellence, creating a virtuous synergistic relationship between creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation. The highlight of this venture includes prestigious locations and the international acclaim achieved by the "Capri Watch" brand in recent decades.

In a context where globalization often leads to compromises in the processing and finishing of products, particularly in the use of low-value raw materials, initiatives like these only serve to highlight and reinforce Italy as the epicenter of distinctive savoir-faire. Here, skilled and talented craftsmen continue to craft unique products. This blend of expertise, coupled with passion and attention to detail, results in accessories that embody the admired and imitated "Italian way of life" worldwide.

The constant pursuit of new forms, materials, and creative ideas transforms each creation into a small "work of art." From leather cutting to stitching, and finishing, every phase of production aims for uncompromising quality.

These quality partnerships in the fashion industry not only enhance the aesthetics of products but also contribute to preserving and promoting Italian craftsmanship traditions. This inseparable bond between innovation and cultural roots gives a unique character to creations, emphasizing the unmistakable imprint of Made in Italy. A perfect blend of past and future, where beauty and craftsmanship come together to create a style heritage destined to leave a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The bags crafted by these skilled artisans are, in fact, a "container of history," a condensed expression of the craftsmanship and knowledge guarded by seasoned artisans. In the Tuscan "laboratory" amidst the farms of Buti, about 30 artisans, already in the third generation, carry on the family tradition.

Thanks to the excellent positioning in Capri, catering to a prestigious and demanding clientele, the bar of quality is continually raised, aiming for the exclusivity of skins such as ostrich and alligator. These materials demand meticulous attention throughout the processing, from cutting to stitching and printing, adding to their already precious and expensive nature. Always in search of new and refined clients arriving from every corner of the globe.