The most beautiful photos in the world

This page opens up to a section dedicated to the "Photographers of Capri." These privileged lovers, with great passion and style, albeit with different eyes and lenses, have immortalized Capri in every corner and from every perspective.

We are delighted to "host" on our website the Master of Photography Umberto D'Aniello, who with his visionary creativity has given life to a true vein of photographic art here in Capri, being a pioneer of "Fine Art" Photography since the '80s. A passion for Capri that he shared with Silvio Staiano to the point of binding them relentlessly, from the very beginning, thus uniting their names with that of Capri Watch and the success that has ensued.

Capri Watch, through its creations, undoubtedly draws inspiration spontaneously from the natural beauties of the island, but at the same time, it nods to the extraordinarily beautiful images that Capri photographers often manage to capture in a magical and unrepeatable moment. To the brand's team, the photographer Michele Sorrentino joined in 2010.

Lovers of Capri certainly also adore the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento. And so, Capri photographers, very sensitive to the beauties of our coasts, have portrayed in their photos the landscapes, caves, and inlets of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

By clicking on the photos, you can visit the sections dedicated to our photographers. Please note that in this section, we will give space to both "FINE ART" photography and amateur photography. Therefore, anyone who wants to apply or promote their artistic image is welcome.

Enjoy the view. The Author's photos await you in the following pages.